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  We help individuals shift their mindset to achieve their fullest potential.
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The Global Network of Success (GNS in short) also known as GNS Academy stems from the initials of Gemma & Sascha and has been expanded to encompass our vision of a global network of success.

We are all about mindset, leadership, and success. We know that our personal and professional lives are closely related and cannot be separated if we want to achieve exceptional results in each area of our lives.

This is why, at the Global Network of Success, we are on a mission to elevate the world's consciousness, one person at a time (or one group of people at a time) by providing exceptional leadership, mindset, and inspirational content, with blog articles, social media posts, podcasts, videocasts, live streams, interviews, broadcasts, email blasts to our email list, and the publication of books and anthology books.

We are committed to making the world a better place, and nothing nor nobody will ever stop us in our vision and mission, to impactfully leave the world better than we found it in 1978 when we both were born.

To make it straight and simple: We are here to help people make progress in their lives, to increase their awareness of their skills, and talents, by applying real-life tested solutions that work with discipline, coachability, and willingness to improve.

Learn more about us at https://www.gemmaserenity.com and https://www.saschagorokhoff.com 

Co-founder Gemma is victorious over 15 years of domestic violence: beaten, put down, and even raped(!). 
After having put an end to this endless cycle, she has started her own healing & transformation inner journey to understand what was going on, and how to shift her own mindset. She accomplished it with the constant support of Sascha, her mentor who became her loving husband, who taught her by example how a loving, respectful, and supportive couple relationship feels like.

When she felt empowered enough to be her strong and awesome self, she stepped in as a life coach and started to build her own business as an online entrepreneur. She quickly learned the hard way that there is more to business than meet the eye, and a lot of it is - again - in our mindset. Therefore, she committed even more to her mission to help and inspire millions of individuals to step into the energy of success, as she did for herself with Sascha's unfailing support.

Co-founder Sascha was born severely disabled. According to the medical community, he should have been mentally challenged, paralyzed from the waist down, and dead by the age of 7 years old. None of it happened, as he mastered his own mindset and chose to see life where the doctors were seeing death. He has beaten the odds by walking, going to the best business schools and universities, and by being still around empowering others at age 43 (in 2021). He also mastered the mental insanity of his mother who committed her life to destroying Sascha's life because of her mental illness. As of age 18, Sascha figured out that his mother very likely had a borderline narcissistic hypochondriac personality disorder to say the least. One of the common behavior trait of this kind of mental disorder is to never get help as they keep on blaming others for their unhappiness and never consider that they may be the problem in their lives. She ended up committing suicide on June 3rd, 2013 to get back at Sascha who suggested that he should move out and live only 20 minutes away from her apartment, at age 34 (!)

The reason why we stand out from other life and business coaches is that we implemented real-life tested solutions that work to shift our mindsets and become successful against seemingly impossible to overcome obstacles. Life teach you lessons by immersion, not by textbooks. The lessons we learned are from real-life, and we can relate to most of your obstacles, and show you the way to your ultimate freedom, to unapologetically live your fullest potential.

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Are you dealing with anxiety?

Are you staying up late at night, not able to stop your chatter box in your head?

Are you consistently finding yourself stuck in your own ways, not able to understand how to get out of your predicament?

How about your relationships? Are they regularly falling off the cliff? Do you consistently attract people who make you suffer like hell and you can't seem to be able to let them go?

We are here to lead you on your way to free yourself up, so that you can experience the ultimate freedom of time, of choice, and financial in your own life, so that you can finally attract experiences that you fully choose, fully enjoy, and fully engage with. It might be to have more time with the people you love, it might be to have more money to afford the lifestyle you are dreaming of, it might be to attract the love of your life, or something totally different that speaks to YOUR heart. We are here to help you achieve your fullest potential and to become who you truly are.


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